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Treat the Period Key different to the NumberPad Decimal Point key

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Thu Aug 09 2018, 11:01am
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Ive just downloaded the trial CK / OSK and loving it.
The Typing Aid features are the best I've seen... accept for one thing.!
This is a problem if [Add space after] and/or [Capitalize the first letter of each sentence] is checked.
For sentences, this is a useful feature but when entering numbers and IP addresses using the Number Pad it is a real pain.
The Number Pad [Decimal Point] key should be treated differently to the [Period] key.
Currently you get "$1,234. 00" instead of "$1,234.00"
And IP addresses end up as "192. 168. 10. 10" instead of ""
Including 0123456789 in the [Delete space before] setting, does not work for the Number Pad keys when [Capitalize the first letter of each sentence] is checked.
Sure, I can un-click the [shift] key to make it work but that defeats the purpose of Typing Aids.
This problem would be solved if the Number Pad [.] key did not invoke the Aids.
Maybe a setting under Typing Aids to [] Ignore Number Pad ?

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